Voice/data/video – Commercial pre-wires are what we do best.  For almost 30 years, hundreds of companies have turned to us for their communications infrastructure and data centers.  It is the lifeblood of any profitable company.  Today, requirements have completely changed.  People have portable devices as well as flat panel theater systems in their offices.  It is not just cable.  A design is needed which will be cost-effective and scalable for tomorrow’s network speeds and applications.  You want to cable just once, because moves, adds and changes involving new runs are expensive.  Bill Farhood is an experienced BICSI RCDD/NTS/OSP/ESS and can provide you with one stop shopping for all of these solutions.  He will look at your budget and make the appropriate recommendations for your business.

Fiber Optics – We have 5 different sets of fiber tooling at BF Datacom.  We have recently completed riser work involving 50 micron OM3 high-speed (10 GB/s) fiber.  We have placed indoor/outdoor, singlemode, mutlimode, loose tube, tight buffer, armored shielded, pre-terminated, MTP, cartridge, and distribution fiber.   Most recently we have been using the Siecor Unicam system for most of our installations. We can use this extremely fast, easy, epoxyless solution for both loose tube and tight buffer fiber.

MPOE/Service Providers – at BF Datacom Inc., we are used to working with service providers and can take service from the Minimum Point of Entry to your suite and server room.  This is an often neglected piece of the overall communications infrastructure and itis critical to provide ample capacity for now and the future in the initial installation.

Surveillance Systems  – We have hundreds of cameras and dozens of DVRs, NVRs, and surveillance systems installed in Los Angeles.  As the technology changes, we adapt.  We can connect your IPhone, Android, Blackberry, IPad, PC, and Mac remotely to view your system.  This is a very hot technology and changes almost monthly.  With the increase in property crime, building owners are pleased that they can provide a real deterrent and also identify and prosecute criminals on their property.  Neighborhood watch groups and law enforcement have already realized the importance of video in the community.  We regularly provide LAPD with DVD video of crimes committed in our viewing areas.  We utilize Speco, Digital Watchdog, Everfocus Honeywell, PC-based systems, hybrid IP/analog systems, and buy through distribution which lowers the cost to the end user.  We do not disappear after the system is installed and will help you to provide evidence in the event of a criminal event.

Conference Room Control Systems – We can provide easy controls for lighting, shades, CATV, Blu-Ray/DVD, videoconferencing systems, audio, etc., and make it is simple to operate.  It is amazing what can be done with a low-cost LCD display remote control.