What is a truly “smart building”? It is a building that is completely ready to handle any connectivity issues a present or future tenant could possibly request. On a local level within the building, each user area is already wired for high-speed data, voice, security, paging, audio, fire/life/safety, HVAC, CATV and/or satellite TV, and CCTV. Every user outlet is clearly labeled and is easily found in the corresponding telecommunications closet. All the connections to the closet and between the closets and Minimum Point of Entry are well-maintained and adequate for the square footage in the property. Tenants can move in and immediately have data and voice services available to them. The building owner or management can also be a service provider, by offering manageable voice and data bandwidth to tenants.

On a wide-area network level, a “smart building” is already “lit” with multiple fiber optic strands from the LECs (Local Exchange carriers) or private service provider. Again, the property manager or owner can initiate this service and then internally provide the bandwidth to his tenants. Bandwidth needs are easily handled and the fact that it is easily available and scaleable makes the property more attractive to all companies especially high tech rapidly growing companies.