RCDD (Retired 12/31/2019)

In 1999 the professional designation of RCDD was awarded to William N. Farhood, Jr. by BICSI, a telecommunications association, in recognition of having successfully completed BICSI’s registration and examination requirements.  http://www.bicsi.org/  On May 17, 2002, Bill added NTS (Network Transport Systems Designer or LAN) designation, and in August of 2004, he added the designation of OSP (Outside Plant Designer) to RCDD/NTS.  On September 13, 2010, Bill Farhood was awarded another designation – ESS or Electronic Safety & Security.  To obtain and keep these credentials Bill Farhood must pass rigorous examinations and also obtain continuing education credits for each renewal period for each designation.  An RCDD/NTS/OSP/ESS Specialist must first become a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD). The RCDD is a designation for individuals who demonstrate expertise in the design, integration, and implementation of telecommunications (voice, data, video, audio, and other low-voltage control) transport systems and their related infrastructure components. The RCDD designation is globally recognized within the industry.

RCDD/NTS/OSP/ESS Specialists are registered professionals in the field of local area network (LAN) and internetworking design, as well as Outside Plant. ESS represents Electronic Safety & Security, encompassing extensive knowledge of access controls, video surveillance, fire protection, and many other safety systems. They have a thorough, vendor-neutral understanding of both networking and cabling technologies, and implementation in an outdoor environment. This enables them to successfully integrate components of these two industries to produce optimal network designs. They also have the knowledge needed to properly evaluate existing, as well as proposed designs for premises and campus networking.

To date, more than 5600 telecommunications professionals have attained the RCDD designation. For more information about BICSI’s RCDD program or other registration and training programs, contact BICSI at 800-242-7405 or 813-979-1991 or e-mail bicsi@bicsi.org. Information and a database of RCDDs is also available on BICSI’s web site at www.bicsi.org.

BICSI is an international not-for-profit professional telecommunications association, founded in 1974. Known for providing the highest quality, vendor-neutral technical education, BICSI offers courses, conferences, technical publications, and registration programs for telecommunications cabling distribution designers and installers. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, USA, BICSI serves 23,000 members in nearly 100 countries on 6 continents.