We have thousands of cameras and hundreds of DVRs, NVRs, and surveillance systems installed in California, New York, Nevada, and Massachusetts.  Other installers use us to configure their systems remotely as it takes a special skill set to correctly and securely provide remote access.  As the technology changes, we adapt.  We can connect your IPhone, Android, IPad, PC, and Mac computers to view your system remotely from anywhere in the world.  With the increase in property crime, building owners are pleased that they can provide a real deterrent and also identify and prosecute criminals on their property.  Neighborhood watch groups and law enforcement have already realized the importance of video in the community.  We regularly provide police departments with DVD video of crimes committed in our viewing areas.  We have utilized Speco, Hikvision, Digital Watchdog, Everfocus, Honeywell, Flir, Lorex, PC-based systems, ExacqVision and other hybrid IP/analog systems, and buy through distribution which lowers the cost to the end user.  We do not disappear after the system is installed and will help you to provide the video evidence in the event of a criminal act committed on the property.