We have installed dozens of fiber backbones all over the country.  They are providing the connectivity for Fortune 1000 companies as well as small and mid-sized companies all over America.  34 years experience in fiber optics design, installation and testing.  Recently completed riser work involving 50 micron OM3 and OM4 compliant high-speed (10 GB/s) fiber.  We have placed indoor/outdoor, singlemode, mutlimode, loose tube, tight buffer, armored shielded, pre-terminated, MTP, cartridge, and distribution fiber – plenum or riser-rated.   Currently using the Siecor systems for most of our installations. We can use this extremely fast, easy, epoxyless solution for both loose tube and tight buffer fiber.   Any strand count, any size. Enclosures, jumper assemblies, backbone fiber, or fiber-to-the-desktop.  All new small form factor terminations.  The latest tooling to handle all of your fiber requirements.